MMRC Cloud Consulting LLC
MMRC Cloud Consulting LLC

Achieving a successful Salesforce implementation entails more than just technical expertise. It revolves around comprehending business objectives and empowering a company's most valuable resource—its people. Our goal extends beyond merely delivering Salesforce projects; we aim to enhance business processes, empower confident Salesforce users, and forge enduring strategic partnerships.

With an in-depth understanding of the Salesforce platform, we navigate it, customize it to suit your unique requirements, and adeptly address any challenges that may arise.


Unlocking Your Non-Profit's Potential

The Discovery phase is where our journey begins. We believe that understanding your non-profit's unique challenges, aspirations, and operational intricacies is fundamental to delivering effective solutions. During this phase, we delve deep into your organization's mission, culture, and specific needs. We engage with your team, conducting interviews, workshops, and assessments to gain valuable insights.

Assessment & Design

Crafting a Tailored Blueprint

The Assessment & Design phase is where we transform insights gathered during Discovery into a strategic plan. We craft a customized blueprint for your Salesforce solution, designed to address your unique challenges and seize opportunities effectively. This phase serves as the roadmap that guides the entire project.


Building the Salesforce Solution

In the Development phase, we bring your Salesforce solution to life. Our team leverages best practices and cutting-edge technologies to create a solution that meets your exact requirements. This phase involves configuration, customization, and rigorous testing to ensure a robust, high-performance solution.

Project Launch

Empowering Your Non-Profit's Digital Transformation

The Project Launch phase marks the exciting moment when your Salesforce solution goes live. It's the culmination of meticulous planning, development, and testing. We ensure a smooth transition to the new system, monitor its performance, and provide support as needed.

User Training

Our User Training Approach

Our training programs are designed with the unique needs and challenges of non-profit organizations in mind. We recognize that many of your team members may not have extensive technical backgrounds, so our approach is user-friendly, engaging, and tailored to your specific Salesforce configuration.

Managed Support

Your Ongoing Salesforce Partner

Our commitment to your non-profit doesn't end with project launch. The Managed Support phase represents our ongoing partnership, where we provide comprehensive support, maintenance, and improvements to ensure your Salesforce solution continues to meet your evolving needs.